Balance of Kingdoms – Prototype Download

Balance of Kingdoms blends real-time strategy with physics based chaos as you build a kingdom on a precariously balanced beam and use cannons to attack rival kingdoms!

Balance of Kingdoms is essentially a sequel to the 2016 game, Tippy Towns, but while Tippy Towns was more about building and managing your own finely balanced towns, Balance of Kingdoms is more about combat. The current prototype comes with four different game modes – a Freebuild mode that gives you freedom to build what you like, a Build Challenge mode which continually tasks you with building a specific amount of a certain structure, a Survival mode where you fend off attacks from cannon-firing hot air balloons and a Battle mode where you build your kingdom while attempting to blow up your AI opponent’s one.

In the game you have two main resources, coins and people, each of which are used to purchase different types of structure to add to your kingdom. Some structures generate coins or people, while others are handy for structural or balancing purposes. You can also build cannons, which come in handy in the Battle and Survival modes and you can manually fire them by pressing and releasing the ‘F’ key. Whether you’re building or fighting, you have to try and keep your kingdom balanced – if too many pieces of your kingdom fall off then it’s game over.

Balance of Kingdoms is still early in development but the core concept is great and it really tests your multitasking skills as you build, balance and fire your cannons. A kingdom building balancing act well worth checking out.

Important Note: You fire the cannons by holding and releasing the ‘F’ key

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Balance of Kingdoms Prototype Here (Windows)