Balancelot – Pre-Alpha Download

Balancelot is a fun little unicycle jousting oddity that plays a little like Trials on a unicycle with a touch of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy-esque physics based frustration.

In Balancelot you control a lowly squire who really wants to take part in the kingdom’s jousting tournament. Unfortunately he’s too poor to afford a horse, but he has managed to get his hands on a wooden unicycle – surely that will do! You now have to race your way across tricky terrain, move obstacles and vanquish foes with your lance as you attempt to make it to the tournament on time.

Needless to say carrying a lance and riding a unicycle through the kingdom is no mean feat. It takes a little getting used to, but you can (sort of) get to grips with your little single wheeled mode of transport. Most obstacles can be passed with a mixture of perseverance, skill and blind luck – though there is an issue with the boxes right at the end not resetting, so if you don’t make it first time you’re screwed.

It’s still early in development so does have a few rough edges, but the core gameplay is already great fun and the charming old timey art style is excellent. God knows how well a unicycle will fare in a jousting match but getting there will be great fun!

You Can Give Feedback on the Pre-Alpha Build Here

Download The Balancelot Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)