Balancity – Beta Download


Balancity is a glorious blend of Sim City and Jenga that sees you attempting to balance the books and physically balance the entire city on a pivot, while striving to build your city as high as possible.

The town management side of Balancity is fondly reminiscent of the early Sim City games (before they got overly complicated), with you growing your population by creating residential, commercial and industrial zones and incorporating utilities such as fire fighting and train stations.  Grow your population enough and you’ll be allowed to build your tower higher.  Your aim is to grow the city as high as possible – but the higher you get the harder it’s going to be to balance it on that pivot!  See how high you can get in this fantastic economic and physical balancing act.

Check Out The Balancity Greenlight Page Here

Download The Balancity Beta Here (Windows Only)