Baleful – Alpha Demo

Baleful is a tense and atmospheric first person horror adventure with high quality visuals and interesting puzzles to solve as you explore a creepy and unfamiliar house.

In Baleful you find yourself trapped in the basement of a strange house and must figure out a way to escape. You can pick up and move most small objects and will need to search the house for a means of escape and clues to help you solve puzzles. The only problem is that you don’t seem to be alone in there…

There are some strange niggles with the current build (most notably the ridiculously fast running speed and the way some 3D objects shift if you look at them from an angle), but it’s a very promising start. The visuals look photorealistic at times, there’s a nice physicality to the game world and the puzzles are pretty creative. The horror element of the game is handled well too, relying on lighting and sound design to build up the atmosphere, rather than relying on cheap jump scares. A tense and cerebral horror adventure well worth delving into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Baleful Alpha Demo Here (Windows)