Ballf – Alpha Demo


Ballf is a fun voxel based golf game in which bears throw balls across a variety of courses – from floating islands to space stations.

The Ballf Alpha Demo is still early in development and does have some rough edges, but it shows promise and it’s got plenty of content – with 8 courses playable in single or multiplayer in traditional or speed-based game modes.

There are no clubs to worry about, you simply pick up the ball and throw it as accurately as possible.  Different surfaces all have their own elasticity and friction, which makes for some challenging gameplay, especially when you factor in the voxel based nature of the game – it’s very hard to get a ball to roll up a hill made of blocks!

Note:  Although it may sound boring, we’d really recommend playing on the traditional golf course (Balf Course) map first, even though the others look great, they can be a little frustrating to learn the ropes on.

Download The Ballf Alpha Demo Here