Ballistic Bunny Billiards – Game Jam Build Download

Ballistic Bunny Billiards, a wacky billiards game made for the Jamingtons 4.0, has you trying to get all of your bunnies into their holes before they multiply and take over the table!

The insane game of Ballistic Bunny Billiards follows much like its ball-based counterpart, there are two types of rabbits; the striped shirted rabbits and the solid shirted rabbits. Your goal is to use your white rabbit (much like a cue ball) to bump your specific type of rabbits into their holes. Then, you must get the black rabbit into their hole once your type of rabbit is all away.

So far it may just sound like billiards, but with rabbits. But in this game, the rabbits start breeding! If you hit rabbits of the same kind into each other too hard, they will start multiplying, filling the table up completely with little rabbit bodies. Luckily, getting one of your types of rabbits into the hole will put all identical rabbits in there with them. You do have a chance at making it, though more times than not, the board will just get full of little rabbits.

Ballistic Bunny Billiards can be played in single player mode, where you just get one type of rabbit in the holes, or multiplayer mode where you face off against a friend to get all of your rabbits into the holes before they do. Either way, it’s a pretty hilarious and fun game to play – it turns out billiardsis way more fun when played with rabbits!

Play Ballistic Bunny Billiards Here (Win, Mac & Linux)