BallisticNG – Alpha Download


BallisticNG is a great open source homage to the Playstation classic, WipeOut, with fast paced, futuristic racing across tracks designed to test your driving skill to the limits.

BallisticNG is still in its early development stage but has a whole heap of stuff on offer. Various weapons, different race courses and a handful of different vehicles to choose from. Each of said vehicles has a different set of statistics that change the way you play from vehicle to vehicle.

The racing part is extremely fast paced, full of weapon blasting goodness and sharp turns that will have you screaming at the screen over and over again. It’s sleek design is amazing for such an early build of the game and makes us wonder what else they have planned for BallisticNG’s future.

The game play is fluid, insanely tricky but so much damn fun to play.  If you enjoyed the early WipeOut games is then BallisticNG won’t disappoint – a fast, futuristic racer full of retro Playstation 1-era thrills.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available