Balloonomania – Prototype Download

Balloonomania is a fun little high flying arcade game where you control a Victorian gentleman as he attempts to keep his hot air balloon airborne while being attacked by competitors.

In Balloonomania your aim is to travel as far as possible in your hot air balloon before you’re caught by a massive balloon that’s pursuing you. You do this by moving your balloon upwards and downwards so that it’s in the fastest blowing air streams (being sure to avoid streams that are blowing the wrong way).

On your journey you also have to deal with rival competitors who will happily chase you and try to puncture your balloon. Thankfully you can repair your balloon by clicking on it with the right mouse button and you can even attack your rivals by brandishing your own pointy stick.

The gameplay in Balloonomania is a lot of fun (if a little simple), but it’s the presentation that really impresses. The Python-esque hand drawn artwork is fantastic and it’s packed full of great little touches such as the ridiculous insults the balloonists hurl at each other. It makes for a delightful little high flying adventure that’s well worth checking out.

Download or Play the Balloonomania Prototype Here (Windows & Browser)