Banana Boy – Game Jam Build Download

Banana Boy Game Download

Banana Boy is a surreal, addictive and rather disturbing high score chasing arcade oddity in which you face slam into piles of maggots to propel a disembodied head high in the air where it can eat bananas!

The single button control scheme of is Banana Boy is easy to pick up and play, but the game is surprisingly hard to master. Your disembodied head continually bounces along the ground and you must press the Spacebar to send it into a nosedive to ensure that it lands on the soft piles of maggots instead of the hard floor or chainsaws. Hit the maggots and you’ll be propelled higher up into the air, earning more points and being able to collect more bananas, but if you hit the bare floor you’ll wreck your face and lose some health (while hitting a chainsaw results in instant death). It’s quite easy to time your button presses at low altitudes, but the better you do the higher Banana Boy’s head will bounce and the harder it is to time your dives.

Banana Boy is a simple game, but it impresses with it’s addictive ‘just one more go’ high score chasing gameplay and gloriously grotesque audio/visual design. Particular highlights are the kamikaze scream that changes depending on the duration of the dive and the devastation a mistimed dive does to Banana Boy’s face. Silly, surreal, unsettling and super addictive face smashing fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of Banana Boy Here

Download Banana Boy Here (Windows)