BARB – Game Jam Build Download


BARB is short and stylish low poly game in which you control Barbara as she carries out her normal daily rituals….

The rest of this article WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so we’d really recommend playing the game before proceeding.  Still here?  Ok then!  Starting your day by swiping the alarm clock to shut it up, you promptly get up and start your morning routine.  You do this by interacting with the red highlighted objects – such as the coffee machine, your phone, the shower…. a razor, some rather large women’s shoes and…. a wig?  Slowly it dawns on you that Barbara is in fact a trans-woman.

At first the revelation that Barb is a trans-woman may be a surprise, but the quiet suburban home, the simple morning routine and the acceptance of your friend, highlight the fact that she is just a normal person, who has a normal life like anyone else.  It’s a stylish and clever little game – we’d really recommend spending some time in Barbara’s shoes.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here (Spoilers)

Download BARB Here (Win, Mac & Linux)