Barbara-ian – Beta Download

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Barbara-ian is a procedurally generated dungeon crawler that focuses on destruction and pure action, with fast paced combat where you’re always one hit away from instant death.

With you taking on the role of a super-tough female viking warrior, Barbara-ian strips away all the unnecessary clutter that slow down the action in your typical dungeon crawler.  There’s a nice selection of weaponry to be found, but there’s no inventory, no skill system and no health bars – everything (including you) is one-hit-kill so there’s no need for stats and upgrades, all you need skill and timing.

As you can imagine in a game where one hit means instant death, Barbara-ian is pretty tough.  Thankfully although your enemies are pretty deadly, they’re also pretty dumb.  This means that if you want to take a break from smashing them to pieces with your weapons, you can take advantage of all the traps and hazards that litter the dungeons – leading them to their doom and staying out of harms way.

With it’s love of action, carnage and destruction, Barbara-ian is a joy to play – a streamlined dungeon crawler that delivers challenge, excitement and fun.  Barbara-ric fun.

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