Bard’s Gold – Alpha Demo

Card's Gold

Bard’s Gold is a wonderful 2D retro arcade platformer with RPG elements, that plays a bit like Spellunky and is just as tough!

You play a hero who is trying to recover the legendary Bard’s Gold – an ancient treasure that’s been in your family for generations, but which has been stolen by a sneaky goblin.  This means traversing levels filled with obstacles, enemies and traps, and even partaking in the occasional boss fight.

You have to be very careful as you make your way through the levels, you only have 3 lives and one hit is enough to kill you.  Thankfully there is some assistance from a shopkeeper, who’ll sell you useful weaponry and armor if you’ve collected enough gems.  Overall the game feels a lot like Spellunky (in a good way), but without the procedurally generated level design – which is actually a welcome omission as it gives players slightly better odds of surviving as you learn where all the sneaky traps are.

With tough gameplay, charming pixel art visuals and a very catchy soundtrack, Bard’s Gold is a thoroughly enjoyable retro platforming romp that will punish you for your mistakes, but also allow you to learn from them.

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