Baseball But Fun – Alpha Demo

Baseball But Fun is an intense isometric semi-bullet hell action game where a batter attempts to survive for as long as possible while being attacked by baseballs and fielders.

Currently in development by JMRSN (creator of Handdogg) Baseball But Fun actually manages to make baseball fun by turning it into a wave based bullet hell action game. In the game you take control of a batter who can run, swing a bat and jump. You can use your bat to whack opposition players and hit baseballs in any direction you choose (at opposition players preferably).

The current build is an early WIP demo so it doesn’t have all the features the dev plans to implement yet (upgrades, customization, more enemies, more stages and boss battles), but even as it stands it’s a hell of a lot of fun. The bouncy isometric pixel art visuals are delightful and whacking balls back at your enemies is very satisfying. The game title doesn’t lie – it really is baseball, but fun!

Download Baseball But Fun Here (Windows)