Basement – Prototype download


Basement is a pixel art management sim in a similar vein to Tiny Tower, but instead of building a pristine shopping mall, you build an underground drug empire, full of grow boxes, crack kitchens and cocaine refineries.

In the course of the game you need to process raw materials into drugs and distribute them among the customers who line up at the door.  Your factory is covered by another facility which constantly attracts municipal workers with inspections.  Deal with them, or you will attract unnecessary attention to your enterprise, and get under the FBI’s radar.

You’ll quickly realise that storage is the most vital part of the operation, as customers won’t leave until their increasingly large orders are completed (or their timer expires and they go away).  This can create an un-passable bottleneck if you don’t have enough space to store the order in.  But get your storage solutions sorted out and you’ll be making millions in no time.

The prototype was made for Ludlum#29, with a full version now in the works.  It’s an addictive game, with a great pixel art graphical style and fun gameplay – Tiny Tower with drugs and no micro-transactions – Tiny Drug Dealer.

Watch a Lets Play & find out how important storage is HERE

Play the Prototype in a Unity Supported Browser or download it HERE (Win, Linux & Mac)