Bat Boy – Beta Demo

Bat Boy is an 8-bit styled retro action platforming adventure where a high school kid with a talent for hitting things with a bat sets out to save his friends from an evil mastermind.

In Bat Boy you follow the adventure of Ryosuke, a talented baseball player whose friends have all been kidnapped by the evil Lord Vicious. It seems that Lord Vicious has brainwashed your friends and plans to use them to host sinister athletic events for his amusement. Time for you to grab a bat and save the day!

The gameplay in Bat Boy is a little similar to classic retro action platformers like Mega Man but instead of being armed with a blaster you have your trusty bat. The bat not only comes in handy for hitting things with, but can also be used to knock projectiles back at your enemies, knock enemies into enemies, and you can even throw it then use it as a platform (much like Mario’s Cappy).

The demo build has a lot of content and really impresses with its excellent chip-tune soundtrack, clever level design, challenging retro action-platforming gameplay and beautiful 8-bit pixel art visuals. Sure, a bat may not be the most high-tech of weapons, but it sure is effective! Highly recommended.

Check Out the Kickstarter Page Here (Steam)

Download The Bat Boy Beta Demo Here (Steam)