BATHOS – Game Jam Build


BATHOS is a short pixel art puzzle game created for Ludum Dare, in which you have to find the correct key to unlock a door and escape captivity.

Set in a single room, with a charming pixel art visual style and an ominous soundtrack, to say too much about BATHOS will ruin the game, but suffice to say you wake up in a locked cell with no idea how you got there and must find a way to escape.  A mysterious person throws down lots of keys for you to try in the door, but will you figure out what the right key is?

Although it may not be immediately apparent, there is a solution and a way to escape BATHOS, and when you figure it out you’ll be kicking yourself.  Sure, there are lots of keys, will you be able to find the right one?

Note:  If you’re REALLY stuck highlight the bracketed area below for a hint
(There’s more than one type of ‘key’ that will help you escape!)

Play BATHOS In a Browser Here