Battle Fortress Tortoise – Prototype Download

Battle Fortress Tortoise

Battle Fortress Tortoise is an impressive 3rd Person Tower Defense Shooter where you take control of the Commander of a clan of gnomes aboard the back of a gigantic tortoise.

Controlling and fighting in a battle from the back of a giant tortoise is every bit as awesome as it sounds – like someone has moved to the epic battles of Lord of the Rings to the top of one of the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus.  As your trusty tortouse traversed the battlefront, you must repel enemy attackers and projectiles, while trying to hit the enemy where it hurts.

Unfortunately, at the moment development is on hold as the dev team have parted ways to work on other projects, but hopefully they’ll return to it in the future.  Even in the prototype stages it’s a epic game, full of spectacle and bombastic action.  Turtally awesome.

Check Out the Steam Greenlight Page HERE (Already Greenlit, but Development is on Hold)

Download the Prototype HERE

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