Battle Grounds III – Beta Download

Battle Grounds III is a first person shooter set during the American War of Independence, where you do battle with single-shot muskets and rifles that can take several seconds to reload!

The third instalment of the 17 year old franchise, Battle Grounds III features team based multiplayer battles set during the American War for Independence. You’ll find no bullet magazines and machine guns here – your load-out can include a mixture of 25 period authentic muskets, rifles grenades, bayonets, swords and tomahawks.

The game modes on offer in Battle Grounds III are much the same as in a traditional FPS (Domination, capture the flag, etc.), but the fact that you’re using 18th century weaponry makes for a very different experience. Ranged weapons like muskets and rifles only allow you one shot and can take several seconds to reload – during which time you are vulnerable to attack. This means that every shot counts and you have to rely on your melee weapons a lot more.

It’s a very impressive game that delivers a very different take on the first person shooter, where precision shooting is key and charging across a battlefield with a sword in your hand is a viable option when it takes so long for enemy riflemen to reload! Well worth checking out for a great bit of historical multiplayer warfare.

Download Battle Grounds III Here (Steam)