Battle Splash – Pre-Alpha Download

Battle Splash game

Battle Splash is a great new violence-free multiplayer third person arena shooter in which teams of girls do battle in giant water fights, using lots of cool water-based weaponry – from water balloons to water bazookas!

Battle Splash has set out to prove that not all multiplayer shooters have to be violent and blood splattered by creating a fun arena shooter that replaces bullets with water. This substitution is really more of an aesthetic one than a gameplay orientated one, as the water based weaponry has pretty much the same effect as in traditional shooters (except you incapacitate the other player instead of killing them), but the removal of violence makes for a much more cheerful and happy gaming environment.

The current build features one large playable map four playable characters and a selection of fun water based weaponry. Each one of the four girls you can choose to play as has a unique item and stats that make them suited to different play styles, and you can play in matches of up to 32 players, with the ability to add bots to fill up the numbers.

Even in these early stages of development Battle Splash is great fun, offering fast paced water based warfare with stylish visuals and a friendly atmosphere. It turns out you really don’t need violence to make a good shooter, just creativity and engaging gameplay. A super soaking third person splasher well worth checking out.

Download The Battle Splash Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)