BattleBit – Beta Download

BattleBit Game Beta Download

BattleBit is a fun low poly Battlefield-inspired hardcore tactical shooter designed to allow for epic battles between 64-128 players over large maps with lots of weaponry, multiple character classes and vehicles.

Probably best described as “low poly Battlefield”, BattleBit is designed to offer fun massive scale battles that will run on even the most feeble computer. The low poly visuals don’t just reduce GPU loads though, they lots of character to the game and it has a surprisingly large amount of features, including character customisation, customisable load-outs, bullet trajectories that are affected by wind and aiming that’s affected by stamina.

It’s still early in development, but BattleBit is already great fun to play. The low poly visuals my look cute, but it offers up a surprisingly deep and tactical FPS experience packed full of artillery and infantry based carnage. Low poly, large scale warfare well worth checking out.

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To Play BattleBit Download The Beta & Join the Discord Group (Servers Open at Set Times)