BATTLECREW Space Pirates – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

BATTLECREW Space Pirates giveaway

BATTLECREW Space Pirates is a fast paced competitive online multiplayer arena brawler that we first featured last month, that sees bloodthirsty buccaneers battling to become the most respected pirates in the galaxy.

In BATTLECREW Space Pirates players compete in 4v4 matches across (currently) two different game modes – Team Deathmatch and Gold Rush, competing to get the most kills or gold respectively. The charismatic characters all have their own skills and special abilities, and can be customized with skins and taunts that are unlocked via gameplay (it’s not a free to play microtransaction-filled game model). There’s not a huge amount of content at the moment, with four characters, four maps and two game modes, but it’s great fun and is still early in development, with the devs planning to continually add content as players complete community bounty goals – the current one will unlock a new map once completed!

BATTLECREW Space Pirates has recently launched on Steam Early Access, and to celebrate we have 20 Early Access Keys to giveaway! To enter, just perform any of the actions in the widget below, winners will be notified tomorrow. If you miss out on a key you can always purchase BATTLECREW Space Pirates via Steam (currently 30% off!)

BATTLECREW Space Pirates – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway!

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