Battlecruisers – Alpha Demo

Battlecruisers is a fast paced single-player real-time strategy game where you upgrade your battleship with weapons and defenses while facing off against other ships in stylish silhouetted battles.

In Battlecruisers you embark upon a campaign where you face off against rival battleships in 1v1 RTS battles. The combat takes place across beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds that silhouette the battleships as they wage war against each other. Two ships enter, one ship leaves.

Your main resource is builders, they do everything on the ship, from building defenses to constructing vehicles and performing essential repairs. They require very little micromanagement as they will switch between tasks without you commanding them (although you can make them focus on certain jobs that you deem to be urgent). You gain more builders by building accommodation for them, but you only have a limited amount of space on your ship so finding the right balance is important.

You can construct a wide variety of different weapons and defenses, including turrets, missiles, anti-air guns, aircraft and attack ships. But your rival is on the offensive too, so you need to make sure you don’t have any vulnerabilities that they can exploit. As in most tug-of-war RTS games, there’s very little micromanagement required of your offensive and defensive units, leaving you to focus on your overall battle strategy (or just enjoy the spectacle).

It’s a fun game with a fantastic visual style, easily accessible gameplay and a nice amount of tactical depth. It allows for different strategies and as you progress there’s a nice variety of unlocks that shake things up. A stylish and strategic ship sinking RTS well worth setting sail with.

Download The Battlecruisers Alpha Demo Here (Steam)