Battlefield V – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Battlefield V is now in open Beta, with PC, Xbox and PS4 owners able to download and join in the multiplayer WWII military FPS warfare now.

The Battlefield V open Beta features two large maps (Arctic Fjord and Rotterdam) and three different game modes (Conquest, Tides of War and Grand Operations). The two locations offer very diverse environments to do battle in and the three different game modes offer three very different ways to play.

Conquest mode features classic 64 player battles with players fighting for control of key locations on the maps, but with the ability to use the new towable weaponry, fortifications and squad reinforcements. Tides of War allows you to get a taster of Battlefield V’s live service, allowing you to play through a five-part narrative driven chapter that will form an ever-evolving journey with new chapters being released every couple of months. Grand Operations features 64 player battles that take place over four days (rounds) mixing together different game modes and maps, with the events of the previous day having a knock on effect on the next day.

Battlefield V may be delayed by a month, but the Beta is pretty promising. They’re doing a lot of things right and there isn’t a loot box in sight. In fact, EA are feeling particularly generous with Battlefield at the moment, as players that complete the Tides of War will earn an exclusive Dog Tag for the full game and they are also giving away the Premium Pass for Battlefield 1 when the Battlefield V Beta Finishes! So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the Battlefield!

Download The Battlefield V Beta Via the PSN and Xbox Stores, or on PC via Origin