Star Wars Battlefront – Open Beta (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)

Star Wars Battlefront Alpha

Star Wars Battlefront is now in Open Beta!  EA/DICE’s highly anticipated online multiplayer Star Wars-based first/third person shooter is now available for all to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The Beta features the Walker Assault on Hoth 40-player multiplayer battle, Survival Mission on Tatooine and a third game mode called Drop Zone that takes place on Sullust.  You’ll also have the chance to play as two of the most iconic characters int he Star Wars franchise -Luke and Darth Vader.

As Battlefront is an EA game you can expect a few connectivity issues, particularly during the first day or two, but just hang in there, the force may be strong with this one (once any teething troubles are out of the way!)

UPDATE: Beta No Longer Available