BattleSouls – Open Beta (Steam)


BattleSouls is a fun looking online action game in which players face off in colorful arenas, changing their character class on-the-fly and beating up their opponents in fast paced multiplayer combat.

Featurung five different character classes, each with their own attacks and abilities, players can switch between classes at the touch of a button allowing them to change tactics mid-fight. Battles are fast, fun and chaotic affairs with projectiles flying everywhere, vibrant colors and a playtime of around 10-15minutes. It’s a fun online arena fighter where class really is king.

Check Out a BattleSouls Gameplay Trailer Here

Download The BattleSouls Open Beta Here (Steam)

2 thoughts on “BattleSouls – Open Beta (Steam)”

  1. So I played a little bit of Battlesouls and while the name isn’t the most appealing with “battle-everything” at the moment, I must say the gameplay is fun for an open beta. I enjoyed the mid-fight class switching mechanic as it made fights that would have been mundane a bit more fun. It also helps prevent your team for all going for ranged characters leaving your team up to melee abuse.

    However after a little bit of time, even only a couple of hours, the fighting got a bit boring. Maybe it was the lack of players on most servers or the lack of different classes at the moment – it all started feeling the same. Even after implementing some tactics like having 3 healers charge in with 2 cannons things got a bit dull.

    Run at the point with your ranged character, switch on over to your melee, run away with a friend as your healer. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    That being said – I think this game is still a bit fun, worth checking out, and I want to see where it is headed.

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