Be The Rocket – Kickstarter Demo

Be The Rocket is a charming and easily accessible flight sim inspired by Nintendo’s classic Pilotwings games, which sees you testing your precision flying skills in a Rocket Bucket, a stunt plane, a hang glider, a parachute and a rocket.

As in Pilotwings, Be The Rocket allows you to pilot an eclectic assortment of aircraft through the airs of a beautiful little island. The gameplay is similar too, with you completing different objectives in your aircraft and getting graded for your speed, objectives completed and accuracy.

The current build of Be The Rocket features eight missions to carry out and gives you access to the stunt plane and the rocket bucket (the hang glider and the rocket are teased in the menu but unavailable at this time). The aircraft are easy to get to grips with, with simple and easily accessible controls. It takes a bit of skill to get a 100% rating in your missions, but it’s certainly possible.

Be The Rocket is still early in development and has a few rough edges graphically (especially the clouds!), but it’s already great fun to play thanks to the chilled out atmosphere, easily accessible gameplay, charming presentation and interesting island to fly around. It captures the playful spirit of Pilotwings and makes flying fun, rather than a stressful simulation. A cheerful slice of high flying fun well worth blasting off with.

Note: On booting up Be The Rocket for the first time all the graphics settings will be at their lowest. You can select better quality graphics modes in the menu.

Check Out the Be The Rocket Kickstarter Page Here

UPDATE: Demo No Longer Available