Beacon – Game Jam Build Download

Beacon Game Download

Beacon is a chilled out infinite runner set on a Möbius strip in which you avoid obstacles and attempt to go as fast as possible.

In Beacon you control a ball as it travels around the Möbius strip, pressing spacebar to jump and double jump. There are obstacles that will slow you down but every time you jump you’ll go slightly faster, eventually reaching your second phase which will cause you to drop power ups each time you jump, which can be picked up on your next lap.

There is no end goal, no fail state and no scoring for your actions in Beacon – much like a Möbius strip this game can go on forever. You simply enjoy the gameplay and the beautiful gyrating visuals for as long as you like – which can be some time as it’s a mesmerising and oddly addictive experience.

Download Beacon Here (Windows)