Beacon of Neyda – Beta Demo

Beacon of Neyda is a Kingdom inspired side-scrolling base-building strategy game set in a rusty post-apocalyptic world where a robot revolution failed.

In Beacon of Neyda you will explore, scavenge, repair important structures and build and upgrade your base in a post-apocalyptic world where creepy rusty robots attack in waves. The gameplay is similar to the Kingdom games, but there’s quite a lot more depth to the base-building and a bigger focus on exploration as you delve deep into the mines below the surface.

It’s a great game with a very cool hand-drawn art style and gameplay that feels like an evolution of the Kingdom series. The only minor issue at the moment is the limitation on the amount of cores that you can carry which can cause lots of unnecessary backtracking. Aside from that though it’s a great game that gets very addictive as you build your base and delve beneath the surface. Highly recommended.

Download The Beacon of Neyda Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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