Bear Hero – Alpha Demo

Bear Hero

Bear Hero is a fun roguelike platformer where you play as a bear (who is very heroic) and try to navigate a randomly generated overworld maze.

Before the game starts you’re presented with a choice of two images (for example a cat and a dog), then depending on which one you choose, a selction of bears are removed from the herd.  You repeat this process until you’re left with one bear.  That bear is you, and depending on your choices you’ll have a bear with unique stars and skills (including clerics, Tricksters, Duelists and demigods).

There are three types of stages that you can enter into from the world map: health-levels (where you gain health), treasure-levels (where you gain loot) and battle-levels (where you do battle).  Every bear has a basic swipe attack with a significant cooldown period (dependent on your stats).  This forces you to think strategically about your moves, learning attack patterns and precisely timing your attacks.

Bear Hero is a pretty tough game, but it strangely addictive and rewards perseverance.  Much like Spellunky, it will punish you for your mistakes, but you’ll always come back for more.

You can give feedback to the dev through e-mail or via the Dev Log HERE

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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  1. This is embarrassing, but it seems to get stuck at the class “selection” and I can’t find a button that moves me on past that. Am I missing something?

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