Bear With Me – Game Jam Build Download

Bear With Me Game Download

Bear With Me, an adorable puzzle adventure made for the Bear Jam 2017, puts you in the shoes (or paws) of a bear on a lazy Sunday, with fun list of things to do!

You are a quirky bear, exploring a forest area by the lake. Your home is in this area, located in a small cave, which you have awaken from. It is Sunday, so there aren’t people in this part of the woods, as the nearby cafe is closed. You will take this opportunity to enjoy the day and get everything done that you want to do!

Your to-do list is full of curious activities like hugging trees, finding music, and making art. All of these objectives are easy to locate, though they may take some thought to figure out. Bear With Me is meant to be played slowly – to explore and check out the area instead of just aiming for the goals given to you. As you find your way around, you will start to see objects that will fulfill your list of goals, but also some different things that can be interacted with just for fun.

Bear with Me is a wonderful little experience that allows you to enjoy a pleasant and rather silly day in the life of a bear. And being a bear certainly has its advantages – bear hugs, super strength, and running around saying ‘Beeeeaaarrrrr!’ are particular highlights!

Download Bear With Me Here (Windows Mac and Linux)