BEARZERKERS – Prototype Download


BEARZERKERS is a top-down arcade multiplayer arena where you and three others play as critters who have to run, roll, dig and bounce away from a vicious bear trying to eat you, with the last critter standing being proclaimed the winner.

The bear is big, ferocious and unstoppable so it will catch you eventually, but you have a variety of tricks up your sleeve to postpone your inevitable demise for a long as possible.  The most useful of these is the ability to construct barriers behind you, blocking off the bears attack, or for maximum effect, trapping another player in with the bear.  You’ll soon become aware, that although the bloodthirsty bear is out to get you, you can use it to eliminate the rest of the players in a variety of devious ways (usually involving guiding the bear towards them or impeding their escape.)

It’s a fun and frantic game and a perfect for playing with friends, the bears may be deadly but it’s the other players you really have to watch out for.

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