Beast Mode – Game Jam Build

Beast Mode

Become the King of the Gym in this Ludum Dare 33 entry – Beast Mode, a bro-tastic QWOP-like pixel art weightlifting game.

While working out at X-Fit, you realize how much better you are than everyone at lifting weights. With tons of weights littering the gym floor, other members walk around and begin to lift. You know you have what it takes to be the best of the group. So you decide to lift more than the whole gym, collectively. This will surely make you the best lifter there is.

There are many different sized weights, yielding different points. Find the heaviest weights in the gym and lift them to gain more points. You can also throw weights at other people lifting, sabotaging their lifting attempts (if you can’t beat ’em, just beat ’em up!). You only have 60 seconds to lift more than the whole gym, so use your time wisely!  Lift more weights than everyone else to enter Beast Mode!

Play or Download Beast Mode HERE