Beast’s Fury – Pre-Alpha Demo

Beasts fury

Beast’s Fury is a beautiful 2D fighting game inspired by Skullgirls and Street Fighter with anthropomorphic characters and some fantastic hand drawn animation.

This build is still VERY early in development, so the fighting systems are a little basic at the moment, but the real allure of Beast’s Fury is it’s aesthetics, with smooth hand drawn animations, interesting characters, and awesome soundtrack.  The full game will not only involve action, but also feature engaging story lines, conveyed through some beautiful hand drawn cut scenes.

The Pre-Alpha Demo lets you play as a shark in a suit and a cat man, while the full game will feature a full selection of cool animal themed characters, such as a cyber-raptor and a boxing horse.  The character animation is a painstaking process but having successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign, development has now been able to kick up a gear so we can look forward to be seeing more of this gorgeous 2D fighter in the future.  Beautifully animated fists of furry.

Download the Pre-alpha Demo HERE