Beat Blast – Open Alpha

Beat Blast is an innovative roguelike twin-stick shooter where you can build up your own musical bullet patterns as you blast your way through its procedurally generated dungeons.

Music is your weapon in Beat Blast, as you build up catchy beats which fire out different attacks depending on where you place the notes. To create a melody you simply place notes in different positions on the grid in the bottom left corner of the screen, the melody then pays out and your ship auto-fires whenever a note is played.

There are four different types of note in Beat Blast, each of which has different properties, and each of which can be combined to create more powerful attacks. As you progress through the procedurally generated dungeons you can collect more notes, backing music, special notes and powerful modifiers – all of which helps build up your tune and your firepower.

It’s still early in development so there are a few rough edges (such as the dash) and are a few features that it’d be nice to see added (more bosses, environmental hazards and perhaps some of the background occaisionally pulsing with the beat). Even in its current Alpha form it’s a very original, addictive and captivating game though, that gives you a great feeling as you blast baddies and build up your beats. Highly recommended.

Check Out Beat Blast on Steam Here

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The Beat Blast Alpha Here (Browser)