BEAT THE ART BREAKER is a stylish third person pixel art beat-em up that sees you exploring a strange urban fantasy 3D world and beating up any monsters that get in your way.

There’s no narrative or tutorial in BEAT THE ART BREAKER yet, you simply explore the world and figure out how it works by yourself. The combat is fairly simple – you can dodge and punch (and you can do running punches once you get the running shoes). Most enemies aren’t too tricky to dispatch if you just get up close and start pummelling them, but there are some tough ones, such as the skeleton guards and a mage that require a little finesse when taking them down.

You earn cash for each enemy you defeat, but unfortunately the in-game shop is closed off in the current build so there’s no way to spend it. There are a few handy upgrades hidden around the game world though and there are even some music tracks to collect which you can then select from your phone (bring the phone up by pressing ‘Return’).

BEAT THE ART BREAKER is still obviously very early in development and could do with a little more depth to the combat, but the catchy synth soundtrack and the stylish pixel art visuals make for a very cool experience and the urban fantasy game world is very intriguing (if a little barren). A super cool retro beat ‘em up romp well worth checking out.

Note: You can’t actually ‘finish’ the demo as the in-game shop is closed, preventing the story’s progress. There’s quite a lot to discover though, including access to the ‘A’ housing and The Drunk Tank. The guards can be defeated but you can’t access the buildings they are guarding. Also, you can take selfies with your phone!

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The BEAT THE ART BREAKER Alpha Demo Here (Windows)