Beatdown Dungeon – Alpha Demo

beatdown dungeon game

Beatdown Dungeon is a fun blend of dungeon crawling RPG goodness and fast paced blazblue style 2D fighting that sees you exploring randomly generated dungeons and engaging in 1-on-1 match-ups against strange monsters and skilled fighters.

Phil (WurstBrotPhil) has done an incredible job of melding two distinct genres into one fabulous fusion. You play as two different characters, both of which have stumbled into a dungeon full of treasure, monsters and even demons. You must use said characters to travel the dungeons randomly generated layouts to exit the dungeon safely and escape the clutches of the evil demoness. Terrible things go bump in the night, and even your self can become your worst enemy.

These two characters must be levelled up as you go through the dungeon, finding different levelled enemies along your travels to test your strength and skill. There is no grinding in this game either, making the levelling a bit more difficult to handle if you decide to level up only one of the characters. Each of the characters in Beatdown Dungeon have their own set of special attacks and mana moves, both of which can be used to turn the tides of battle in an instant.

The villain of Beatdown Dungeon appears to be a rich and powerful demoness. She watches over you as you ‘scurry like mice’ in her maze of death. Her role is a bit different to your traditional villain however, as she acts as both comic relief and also the hand holder informing you of what is about to happen on each floor.

The first dungeon, simply titled the Noob Sanctuary, is the tutorial-esque dungeon that will help transform you into the perfect weapon against all types of foes. At first the enemies seem straight forward (because they don’t attack you it seems) but eventually you run into pure aggressive mobs and mobs that constantly block everything you throw at them.

Beatdown Dungeon brings back memories of classic dungeon crawlers with an absolutely smashing blend of combat and comic styled graphics. An impressive fusion of genres that blends high quality animation with engaging 1-on-1 combat and fun dungeon exploration.

Download the Beatdown Dungeon Alpha Demo Here (Windows Only)