Beavers Be Dammed – Open Beta

Beavers Be Dammed is a quirky local co-op multiplayer game that sees two adorable little beavers attempting to work together to carry out heists at a sawmill filled with tricky obstacles.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign ups, Beavers Be Dammed sees two players working together to help steal logs from a sawmill. Each level features one large log that needs to be stolen and an obstacle course to navigate with it. Each player controls a beaver, but one beaver can’t carry the log alone, you need one at each end – so co-operation and communication is key, particularly once you get onto the trickier later levels.

It’s a fun game that makes for a great local co-op experience, with plenty of heated conversation as you attempt to navigate the deviously designed levels. The audio and visual design is excellent too, with its comical cartoony visuals and lighthearted soundtrack making for a charming and cheerful atmosphere (even after you fail repeatedly!). A great little multiplayer beaver heist well worth gnawing into.

Note: Beavers Be Dammed is local multiplayer only (there’s no single player mode)

Download The Beavers Be Dammed Beta Here (Steam)