Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest – Beta Download (Android)

Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest is a Rogue Legacy-esque roguelite action platformer that sees your little knight hacking his way through a randomly generated castle, defeating monsters and bosses, and earning cash that you can use to unlock permanent upgrades.

Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest play a lot like Rogue Legacy with you battling monsters as you attempt to conquer a randomly generated castle that changes each time you die. There’s a nice selection of monsters to slay and an epic fight with a final boss at the end. You earn cash from defeating enemies, opening treasure chests and smashing furnishings, which can then be used to purchase permanent upgrades before starting your next run. Any cash you don’t spend will be lost as soon as you enter the castle though so you may as well try to spend it all.

It’s clearly heavily inspired by Rogue Legacy, but Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest is a fun and addictive game, the virtual controls are responsive, the free to play elements aren’t invasive and lots of upgrades to unlock. Perfect for a quick hit of roguelike action platforming on the go.

Note: The iOS version will launch on Wednesday (we’ll update this post when it goes live)

Download The Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest Beta Here (Android)