The Bees – Game Jam Build

the bees

The Bees, a game made for the Global Game Jam, has you guiding a bunch of bees through the harsh world to make a new hive.

The bee’s old hive was destroyed, so now they must collect themselves and find a new home. This may seem like an easy task, but for bees, there are many dangers out in the cold world. Spider webs and bees falling behind will result in a smaller and smaller colony.

With your mouse, you are able to slowly guide the colony over canyons and through forests as the seasons change. These bees move at different paces, so you may need to draw lines, that look sort of like purple haze, many times to continue to guide the bees that have fallen behind. Keep as many bees together in your colony as you can. They must last this epic adventure, but without a new hive, it is hard to stay alive.

The Bees, accompanied with soothing, soft music and beautiful, simple graphics, will have you mesmerized.

Play it in your Unity supported Browser HERE