BEEST – Student Project Download


BEEST is a super tough roguelike that sees you controlling a robotic bee who must eradicate dangerous parasites, heal sick bees and kill corrupted queen bees in an infected beehive.

The mechanics in BEEST are a little different to your traditional dungeon crawling rogue like.  Enemies are tough and the only way to regain health is to cure the sick bees in the hive.  To do this you must must drain energy from the enemies while they’re still alive, which is easier said than done as the rooms are small and the enemies are pretty relentless.  Thankfully, when killed, enemies will occasionally drop upgrades which may make things a little easier.

BEEST Has been specifically designed to be punishing to newcomers, so expect to die a lot.  But once you get to grips with the gameplay systems it’s a fun (but still punishingly tough) game.  A challenging roguelike with plenty of sting in it’s tail.

Remember to heal bees for to regain health.
The queen bee can be found under a differently colored trapdoor in the center of one of the rooms in each level.

Download BEEST HERE (Win & Mac)