Behind the Wallpaper – Game Jam Build Download


Behind the Wallpaper, a short but emotional WWII point and click adventure made for the Ludum Dare 37, has you playing a young Jewish girl who has to go into hiding and live in a small room with her family.

You and your family once lived a normal life. Your parents owned a shop that thrived. That was, until the war started. You are able to recall what it felt like when people blamed you for the war – you are Jewish after all. Now, you, your mother, father, and little brother all live behind the wall in your shop. A close friend is running the shop for you, they are not Jewish and not in danger, so you all are able to safely live a somewhat normal life in this tiny room, but things outside it get worse…

In Behind the Wallpaper, you will watch as one girl’s story unfolds. Not everything is okay, even in this small room. You need to help your parents and brother as much as you can, but you are also able to ask questions and try to figure out what is happening. You are only a child, but even children are affected by wars. You must keep yourself alive and try to help your family along the way. There isn’t much to do in this little room, but you must stay here, hoping one day it will be safe.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available