Beholder – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)

Beholder game

Beholder is a beautifully animated, moral-testing spying game set with a 1984-style oppressive government where privacy is dead and those who don’t conform to it’s rules are severely punished.

We first featured Beholder in July during the Beta sign up and found it to be a very promising mix of building management, spying and Papers, Please-esque moralistic choices, and after having some time with it, it really doesn’t disappoint.  The first thing you notice about Beholder is it’s beautiful art style, with high quality animation and a dark color palette that almost makes you taste the oppression.  Once you start playing, you’re greeted by an easily accessible, but complex game that will test your mettle as you balance morality against monetary needs.

The gameplay involves you talking with tenants, searching their apartments and hiding spy equipment in their rooms – all to try and dig up some dirt on them.  Once you discover evidence of them breaking the law (or just having bad character traits) you can either report them to the government, blackmail them or show some human kindness and let them off with a warning.  Each of these options has different effects and while there are monetary bonuses for being a ‘good citizen’ the choices you make are often dependent on how you personally feel about the tenant (it’s easy to report an a**hole who shouts at your kids, but do you really want to report nice little old ladies for baking nice treats?)

The devs of Beholder have sent us 2000 Steam Beta Keys to giveaway!  Simply enter your details in the widget below to claim your now.  Please give feedback!  The full release is due in October and the devs are keen to iron out any bugs.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of the First 20 Minutes Here

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!

6 thoughts on “Beholder – Beta Key Giveaway (Steam)”

    • Yeah, sorry the Godankey website is still down. There are still keys left though. We’ve contacted Godankey so will hopefully hear back from them soon. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)

  1. Great game, I had the chance to play the game in the beta.
    Had fun doing the Let’s Play, espacially as the end (I’ve got) was rather suprising to me as well.

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