Belly – Student Project Game

Belly is a freaky little organic first person shoot ‘em up where you deflect projectiles to kill monsters from within the belly of an even larger monster that you’re gestating in.

In Belly you control a grotesque little tentacled creature that is currently gestating within the stomach of a larger creature. Unfortunately you’re not alone in there though – there’s a weird eel-like monster that spawns lots of smaller monsters which attack you.

You need to survive for as long as possible against increasingly challenging waves of monsters, but (unless you pick up a power-up) your only form of attack is to deflect the projectiles that are hurled at you. You can’t move, but you can aim your tentacles and by hitting the left mouse button at the right time you’ll deflect projectiles in the direction you’re aiming. You’re also able to gather power-ups and debris that drop by holding the right mouse button.

It’s a tough game that takes a couple of minutes to get to grips with, but is pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. The audio and visual design are particularly impressive, with lots of weird organic noises combining with your womb-like environment to make for a freaky and unsettling experience. How long will you survive in the belly?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Belly Here (Windows & Mac)