Beloved Rapture – Beta Demo

Beloved Rapture is a classically styled jRPG adventure that tackles modern themes as a young man confronts a mysterious cult, his father, his sexuality and his own inner demons.

In Beloved Rapture you follow the story of Johan, an introverted young man whose hometown is being threatened by a cultist mulitia. Johan and his friends will play a pivotal part in the escalating conflict, while also tackling some of their more personal problems too.

The gameplay in Beloved Rapture is very much like a traditional JRPG adventure, with a large open world, side-quests, a focus on narrative and turn-based combat (with no random encounters). The game features six playable characters, each with their own unique skills and their own inner demons to work through.

The demo build of Beloved Rapture features a sizable chunk of gameplay and takes around an hour to play through. It’s a promising take on the jRPG genre, that has the gameplay and charming pixel art visuals of the classics, while also having a compelling modern narrative to drive you through.

Download The Beloved Rapture Beta Demo Here (Steam)