Bendy Worm – Game Jam Build Download

Bendy Worm is a challenging action platformer that takes place on the inside of giant worms that bend as you travel through them!

In Bendy Worm you are an operative who has been sent to dispatch massive worms that are capable of eating entire cities. To kill them you need to enter them through the rear, gather five crystals and travel all the way up to the front of the worm where you can shoot the brain. However, the worms move, causing the entire level to move around you so you need to be careful!

It could do with a few ability upgrades or power-ups to add a bit of variety, but it’s a clever concept that works really well. It looks very impressive when you see the entire level flexing and bending around you and it makes for a very challenging platforming experience.

Download Bendy Worm Here (Windows)