Beneath a Withering Moon – Game Jam Build Download

Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful and mysterious little PS1 styled two minute horror game where you attempt to figure out how to cast a spell that will banish the darkness from the land.

Created by Modus interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and Frontier Diver), for the Two-Minute Horror Jam, Beneath a Withering Moon is a beautiful little occult horror puzzle game where you have to figure out the three stages of casting a spell to banish darkness. You take control of a mysterious sorcerer who you control entirely with the mouse, but you are given no instructions whatsoever, so you need to piece things together for yourself. There is a time limit for certain parts of the ceremony too, so you’ve got to work fast!

It is obviously a vey short game, but you’ll most likely need to play Beneath a Withering Moon a few times to piece together the puzzle of casting the various parts of the spell. It’s great fun trying to figure things out and the atmosphere is incredible. The PS1 styled visuals are stunning and the mysterious world it gives you a two minute glimpse of is very intriguing.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Beneath a Withering Moon Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)