Beneath The Branches – Alpha Demo

Beneath The Branches is a tense little horror game with a hand drawn doodle visual style, which follows a young boy as he tries to escape problems at home by seeking out a fairy king who lives in a creepy forest.

In Beneath The Branches you follow the story of a young boy who goes in search of a Fairy King who waits “for one brave enough to seek him out”. Your bravery will be tested too as the game weaves themes of cosmic horror and Ring-esque ghost stories into its dark fairytale premise. Along the way you’ll also uncover more about the story of the boy and his less than perfect home life.

The Beneath The Branches demo build takes around 10 minutes to play through and really impresses with its unique visual style, tense atmosphere, intriguing story and genuinely scary moments. An interesting start to a very promising horror adventure. Well worth getting lost in the woods for.

Download The Beneath The Branches Alpha Demo Here (Windows)