Beneath The Woods – Alpha Demo

Beneath The Woods is a narrative-driven horror adventure with a focus on puzzles and choices that can impact the story.

In Beneath The Woods you have returned to your hometown to go in search of your missing sister. The trail leads to an old church on the outskirts of town and it seems that there are dark secrets lurking below it…

Beneath The Woods has a TellTale-style choice-driven narrative and also has a heavy focus on puzzles. At the moment the hybrid third-person/point and click style controls feel horrible (it would be much better either going full third person or first person). Other than that though, it’s a very promising game. The story is interesting, the voice acting is great and the puzzles are well thought out. It certainly has a lot of potential, if the control scheme gets smoothed out then it could be a blast.

Download The Beneath The Woods Alpha Demo Here (Steam)