Berserk Boy – Alpha Demo

Berserk Boy is a Mega Man X-esque 2D action platforming adventure where you have the ability to transform into different forms that have unique abilities.

In Berserk Boy you follow the adventure of Kei – a young boy who is transformed into Berserk Boy by a mysterious orb. He now has the ability to transform between different forms (Lightning, Fire, Earth, Air, and Ice), each of which has unique abilities and movesets that will help him beat the dark minions of the evil Dr. Genos and save the people of Earth.

The demo build of Berserk Boy features one large level that sees you battling baddies and rescuing the citizens of a war-torn futuristic city. You only have access to one special form initially, but once you play through the level once then you unlock a new form that allows you to access different parts of the level.

It’s a fun game with fast paced action platforming gameplay, beautiful pixel art visuals and a nice amount of secrets to discover. The ability to switch forms is a great touch and they do totally shake up how your character plays. Forget going mega, it’s time to go berserk!

Download The Berserk Boy Alpha Demo Here (Steam)