Berserker and Thumbnail Maker – Game Jam Build

Berserker and Thumbnail Maker is a cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer where you copy and paste thumbnails of sections of the levels to allow a lost Viking to escape a dungeon.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Berserker and Thumbnail Maker the character you control isn’t the titular Berserker, but an oddly cute little transparent thumbnail maker with eyes. The Berserker auto-walks through each level (even straight into the path of deadly enemies) but you can copy and paste sections of the level to alter the route the Berserker takes and guide him to the exit.

Taking around 5-10 minutes to play through, it’s a great little puzzle game with charming pixel art visuals and a great core gameplay mechanic. The ability to copy and paste sections of a level has been done before, but rarely so elegantly as in Berserker and Thumbnail Maker. It’s a very intuitive system and the level design is very creative. It would be great for expanding on as it shows a lot of promise.

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Play Berserker and Thumbnail Maker Here (Browser)